Sea Freight Forwarding


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Import goodsImports of goods — one of the main activities of our company. Working closely with customs and foreign carriers warehouse operators, we offer a ready-made and designed to suit individual requirements of the client solutions.

In particular, we carry out imports from Europe and imports from the United States.

Export goodsExport of goods from our company — the service is to be executed that you can be sure to meet deadlines and complete safety of the goods. Specialists will be selected the best and least expensive route, prepared the necessary documentation, organized transportation to the destination.

The most popular destinations are the US exports and European countries.

LgisticsOur company offers industrial and trading companies with warehousing services organization of external warehouses in rented space with a low cost of storage services.

We will provide a full range of warehousing, safekeeping of goods in modern warehouses in St. Petersburg, reception, storage, shipment and delivery of goods.

We use advanced handling technology and provide quality information support to warehousing.

ConsultingWe are engaged in international logistics and provide professional advice on the profitable management of foreign economic activity. There are low rates and discounts in cooperation.

You can contact us with any questions on FEA:
• Documents required for customs clearance (classification and certification of goods).
• Passage of simplified customs clearance procedures.
• Finding reliable foreign suppliers.
• Profitable sales of their products abroad.
• Preparation and selection of routes of transport for the rapid delivery of goods.
• Audit of foreign markets of various goods and services.
• Calculation of customs duties.

FTAForeign economic activity is a process of interaction between the participants of the world market of goods, services and investments.

Our company — a trader is not always able to independently ensure full cooperation with the international partners, including compliance with rules on:
• exchange control
• execution of numerous customs regulations
• provide additional tax reporting

Activity on the site of the world naturally involves the regulation of all actions through a series of laws and regulations of various kinds.


We have trained, experienced experts available for our full range of services including reefer, out-of-gauge, breakbulk and each of our trade services – each operating in tandem with your business. This gives us the ability to uphold the personal service we’re globally recognised